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Hotel Giardinetto Lido, Venice Review


Hotel Giardinetto Lido, Venice Review

Whitney Erby

Madness and mayhem are not my cup of team. I read Venice is a city that is always teeming with tourists that can sometimes get noisy. I decided to stay away from the crowds in the more relaxed (and cheaper) island of Lido at Hotel Giardinetto. The hotel is in a great location, directly across from the vaporetto (water bus) and Alilaguna station. You can see the hotel from the boat as you pull into Lido. When it was time to go and explore Venice, it took a little over 15 minutes to get from Lido to the St. Mark’s stop.

I can really be a hotel snob, but I adjust my snobishness based on the length of my stay and the nature of my trip. If I am on a relaxing beach vacation for a week, I need the Ritz or the Four Seasons. If I will only be in the hotel to sleep for one night, I am less snobby. I still have standards - but I'm more open.

Either way, there are five things I look for in every hotel - general cleanliness, bed without a shady floral comforter, location, WiFi, and price. In that order. I like my hotel bed to have a white comforter because it’s harder to hide disgustingness on white comforters. For some reason, in Italy, the white comforter thing was hard to come by so I had to rely more on hotel reviews. This hotel had pretty great reviews so I gave it a shot.

The hotel staff was very friendly. The concierge gave me a map and marked off the places I wanted to see. She also explained the water bus system and gave me a few restaurant recommendations. I forgot to print my ticket for my shared gondola ride and the concierge did that as well.

The bedroom and bathroom were both very clean. The bed was comfortable enough for one night’s stay. The reviews I read mentioned the air conditioner was really loud. I took earplugs with me, but the noise of it still bothered me. When the air comes on, it sounds like a siren is going off for about 10 seconds. After walking all day in Venice I was too lazy to get up to unplug it and I was so tired that I would fall back asleep soon after I woke up. Otherwise, the hotel was very quiet. I didn’t hear any street noise at all.

I was only in the room long enough to shower and sleep, but I did take time out to FaceTime my family quickly. The wifi was free and it worked well. There was also breakfast included, but my train was early and I had to leave before breakfast was served.

I liked the door for some reason

I liked the door for some reason

I had a single room so the price was right. I got the room a little last minute and I paid a little over $100 for the night. The room was small, but it was perfect or one person for one night.

Overall, I would certainly recommend the Hotel Giardinetto, just be sure to unplug your air conditioner before bed.